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Leather Specialists

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Leathergoods specialists

+39 staff has specific technical knowledge of leather goods and is able to select products you can trust. For this reason we offer lifetime assistance on what we sell. We have a personal relationship with our customers and this allows us a quality pre and post sales assistance that includes suggestions for product maintenance and repairs. You can contact us for advice on your purchases and for assistance, suggestions for care and repairs on the products you will purchase.


A leather bag is a very special everyday use item, it is a travel mate, a trustworthy helper and the guardian of your most personal objetcs.

You should always remember that a leather item is an organic craftwork and if it is neglected can dehydrate and become dull. For this reason the correct maintenance of your leather goods is soo important if you want to enjoy them as long as possible.

Some basic infos about leather

Vegetable tanning (plants obtained tanning)

The most of the items with which we produce our bags is tanned using tannins obtained from plants. This means that the colour of the leather comes from natural substances such as tree bark. This kind of tanning represents one of the most ancient methods which allows the leather to show all its authenticity and preserves its natural shades and irregularities that are typical of an organic material.

Full grain leather

Some of our products 100%toscana® are mainly made of full grain leather, that's to say with the upper part of the skin (the one that's nearest to the fur), and in particular with the finest parts where the eventual defects (scars or moles) are not shown.

Nubuk or Nabuk

It is the full grain leather which is lightly polished with emery and and gets a mat look. often used in 100%toscana® brand products.


It is the lower part of of the skin that is polished with emery and gets its typical velvety look, not used in 100%toscana® branded products.

Cow Hide

It is the strong and thick kind of leather obtained from tanned and greased cow skin. It is frequently used to produce travel or business bags.

How to clean a leather good

Each kind of leather presents specific characteristics that change according to the kind of tanning process. For this reason it is not possible to generalize the best way to take care of a leather good. We can give though some useful instructions for each of the kinds of leather described above.

Cow Hide, vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather

Use a dry and clean cloth to gently brush the leather with the aid of a small amount of cleansing cream (the one used to clean your face will be fine IF IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL). Use neutral shoe or leather polish to moisturize from time to time.

Nabuk / Full grain leather

Carefully brush this kind of leather with a clean, well wrung wet sponge (TAKE CARE NOT TO WET THE LEATHER TOO MUCH). Do not use cleansing cream or polish, Nabuk leather is quite porous and tends to get stains and halos if treated with them. Let the leather naturally dry without using heat.


Firmly rub using a brush (a shoe brush will be perfect if the bristles are not too hard) or gently use the specific suede rubbers. Do not wet with water and do not use cleansing cream or polish.

How to maintain your bag beautiful during the years

Think of your skin that with the passing of times becomes dryer: the same happens to leather! Your bag too needs some moisturizing from time to time.

On leathers that do not fear cream (see instructions above) you can employ some neutral shoe cream with a soft and dry cloth to polish and hydrate them. Repeating this care once a month will allow your leather goods to stay beautiful for many years.

How to preserve the bag when you are not using it

Keep the bag in its cloth bag, if you do not have it you might use a cotton pillow case. This way you will protect it from the dust. Do not use plastic bags, leather needs to breathe! To keep the bag in shape, you can fill it with a little paper (avoid newspapers or magazines, the ink may transfer to the cover), so it won't wrinkle.