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CHIARUGI FIRENZE, BOLDRINI SELLERIA, ROSSO FIORENTINO, SHOTO, FELMINI, THE BRIDGE, CAMPOMAGGI, LE BOHEMIEN, MYSKYN, BAYSIDE, KAMO-GUTSU,MOMA SHOES, SECRID, BRADOR, GIANLUCA L'ARTIGIANO DEL CUOIO, ARTIGLIERIA FIORENTINA, LORENZI SHOES, GIANNI CONTI, VINTAGE, REV ME, BUTI PELLETTERIE are some of the best Italian brands available for your purchase choice. Do not hesitate and immerse yourself in our wide catalog of leather goods, accessories, footwear and leather clothing! @39LEATHERGOODS.COM selects only the best of Made in Italy and also when we talk about our brands, 100%TOSCANA, 100%TOSCANA TRADITION, 100%TOSCANA LUXURY we only offer items made in Tuscany by expert hands with first choice leathers from the best tanneries in ITALY. Enjoy 39LEATHERGOODS.COM! Our customer service will be at your complete disposal to help you. Delivery in 24-48 hours in Italy.