Leather care



A leather bag is a special object of daily use, it is a travel companion, a trusted helper and keeper of the most personal items

Remember that the leather bag is an organic artifact and, if left to itself, it becomes dirty and dull. This is why the maintenance of your leather bag and other small accessories is so important if you want to enjoy it as long as possible.

How to clean leather

Each leather has different specific characteristics based on the type of tanning it has received, therefore it is not possible to generalize the ideal cleaning method.
However, we can provide some useful instructions for each of the leathers listed above.

Cowhide and vegetable tanned or chrome leathers

Use a dry and clean cloth to gently rub the skin with the help of a little cleansing milk (the one used for cleaning the face will be fine as long as it does not contain alcohol)

Nubuk / Full Grain Leather

Rub the leather with the utmost delicacy using a sponge moistened with water, making sure it is well cleaned and wrung out (do not soak the leather with water !!!). Do not use cleansing creams, this leather is rather porous and tends to retain halos and stains when treated with creams. Leave to air dry without using heat sources or direct sunlight.


Brush vigorously using a shoe brush (shoe brushes will do as long as the bristles are not too hard), or gently use the special suede rubbers available on the market. Do not wet with water or use creams.

How to keep the bag over time

Think of your skin drying out over time, the concept doesn't change much for leather!
Your purse also needs hydration every now and then!
On leathers that are not afraid of creams (see instructions above) you can use neutral shoe cream with a soft, dry cloth to moisturize and polish the leather.
Repeating this once a month will allow your bag to remain beautiful for many years

How to store the bag when not in use

Keep the bag in its original fabric bag, in the absence of it put it in an ordinary cotton pillowcase (do not use plastic bags, the skin needs to breathe!) Doing so will prevent it from collecting dust. To keep the shape intact you can fill the bag with a little paper (avoid newspapers and newspapers, the ink could stain the lining), so it will not squash and not take ugly folds

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