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Our commitment to the planet

The project

We stand beside 100% Toscana brand with the aim of maintaining and developing high standards that promote sustainability


We belive that
sustainability passes through


Responsible production


What is a bag for us?

100% Leather

100% Toscana products are exclusively made of leather: tanning is the oldest form of recycling because it recovers and enhances the waste from the food chain.

100% Quality

100% Toscana products are created to last over time. Local and artisanal production guarantees the utmost attention to detail. The choice of high quality accessories improves usability and gives the product a long life. The efficency of the customer service becomes a lifetime guarantee on the produtc.

100% Responsible Production

100% Toscana products are expertly created in Italy with certified leathers of European origin, tanned in Italy and treated with respect for the environment: waste reduction, water protection and reduction of emission into the air are our priority.


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